Call for Papers

ICEDCS 2023 is seeking original papers for presentation at this event. Researchers and participants from academia, industry, and government organizations are invited to submit papers , and the topics include but are not limited to:

      1. Electronics and Devices

      Automotive electronics
      Robotics & control
      Electric vehicles
      Electrical engineering
      Electronic measurements
      High frequency technologies
      Micro & Nano-electronics
      Power electronics
      Signal technologies
      System engineering
      Telecommunications engineering
      CMOS platform technologies & opportunities
      Logic device performance and circuit design challenges
      Advanced, novel process integration schemes and (applications-driven) scaling approaches
      Process module innovations and progresses in process control & process metrology
      Device technology co-optimization (DTCO)

      2. Computational Science

      Scientific computing
      Advanced numerical algorithms
      Complex systems: modeling and simulation
      Hybrid computational methods
      Web- and grid-based simulation and computing
      Parallel and distributed computing
      Advanced computing architectures and new programming models
      Visualization and virtual reality as applied to computational science
      New algorithmic approaches to computational kernels and applications
      Large scale scientific instruments
      Medical and biomedical computational Science
      Computational physics
      Quantum computing
      Uncertainty quantification
      Artificial intelligence in scientific computing